Thoughts About Life

Are You Here Now?

As I was trying to find a picture to accompany this post I found myself caught in a dilemma. It was my desire to choose a picture taken recently from nearby, but none of them felt right and instead I found myself wandering through my archive of travel photos. On an average day, if  I haven’t ended up in thoughts of being in Scotland already, seeing my photos will instantly put me into a state of wistful longing. So here I am desperately wishing I was here…

Loch Sheil, Scotland – September 2016

It is completely normal to wish to be in a place you’ve gone on holiday to and greatly enjoyed, of course, but my feeling is so strong that it is my heart’s desire to move there and has been for ten years! This is lovely and all, but currently I can’t move there and this leaves me with many a day of pining.

I grant you that having this yearning is a great motivator for getting the thing done, and hopefully it will be done some day, but in the meantime… how do I live my life? The line between enjoying the feeling of excitement about the place and being consumed by the obsession about the future is one very easy to cross. I acknowledge quite readily that the latter state has the ability to take me right out of living in the moment for long periods of time.

As great as my end goal is, how much am I willing to sacrifice along the way? Sure, some compromise is necessary for such a large dream, but if I don’t enjoy every moment along the way my life will pass me by!

The only thing to do is enjoy each moment and in order for that to happen I must make sure to make each moment enjoyable. From hence forward I shall ask myself ‘Am I here now?’ and in this moment I shall start by enjoying this amazing drink my friend made for me.

London Fog – Earl Grey with steamed milk and honey



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