Writing About Writing

There were grand plans in place for a piece of fiction to be written for this week’s blog post, but alas it would seem that trying to push out the last 5,000 words for National Novel Writing Month and writing a short story for here was just too much for the creative writing part of my brain. In fact, just writing those last 5,000 words seems to beIMG_5742 taxing me inordinately.

Which is probably why I was taking these pictures instead.

Apart from the fact that it was a rather pretty sunset shining through the bare bones of the willow tree in my backyard, it gave me a moment to surface for air from the 45,000 words I have already written this month and contemplate what I have managed to accomplish.

With the support from the wonderful NaNo staff who make everything possible, the well known authors who give a little time to write pep talks for us aspiring authors, the fellow writers world wide who are supportive in chatrooms, in person at write ins, and friends who are willing to prod you into action in the comfort of your own home; I have managed to get where I am today.

Where am I today? Well, I appear to be waist deep in a story that, for all my planning, has certainly taken the direction in its own hands and run with it. Characters have run amok and behaved quite badly before my very eyes (one of them murdering multiple people quite unexpectedly), all the while I can feel an enormous pile of research that needs to be done teetering at my side, and by the end of November I will likely only be half way done at best. However, it seems that this year I may have encountered the right time, story, and inspiration to make something of it! Which is very exciting.

Perhaps next week will be the right time for me to share a short story here!IMG_5744


One thought on “Writing About Writing

  1. Congratulations on reaching your writing goal, Madeleine! I for one am tickled pink about the results of your break from writing…..I love the photographs of your beautiful willow tree in the autumnal twilight. Stunning!


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