IMG_4597.JPGFor as long as I can remember I have loved being outside, and was never afraid of a bit of dirt. Not long after those first memories I was given a camera by my parents. I eagerly snapped shots, inspired by my father who was a photographer and always taking wonderful photos, and he helped me with my own (still does!) Sometime after that the writing began. Not sure where that one came from, by my mother is an artist as well, so I blame her with much happiness.

From these stumbling beginnings I have now done organic farming for many years and have surprised myself by owning a house with my partner, Mason, that we’re in the process of making a sustainable homestead! The dream here is to become as self sustaining as possible by growing food, setting up green energy, becoming zero waste, and giving back to the balance of nature. I have also started writing pieces for my work place’s blog, though I still hope to branch out into the fiction world. And I’m still snapping photos, but that’s purely for my own enjoyment, and to share here!

First picture of our new homestead! – July 2018

I have fallen in love with other lands, Britain (Scotland in particular) is my muse in all three of these creative loves. Yet what really ties ALL of these things together is… nature.

It has become quite important to me to strengthen my connection with nature and all living things around me. What with my reliance on the wild New England seasons for growing, this makes utter sense. However, my connection is deeper than that and this led me to my mostly solitary practice of green witchcraft.

Our journeys in life are full of many experiences, from the trying to the beautiful. I started this blog as a tribute of gratefulness to all of those things and the lessons they bring to my life. My hope was to create more positivity in my own life, and the icing on the cake would be to help inspire others as well. What a journey it has been so far!

I wish everyone peace and happiness as they follow their paths through life.

Isle of Erraid, Scotland – November 2013