A place to track the journey that is my homesteading dream. We will see what happens!

The Monotonous Life Of Chippy (A Mower Subject To A Human’s Poor Decisions)


[20 Aug 2018] This is the tale of a brave little lawnmower asked to tackle a job of ENORMOUS proportions…


Let The Homesteading Begin!


[11 Aug 2018] With much excitement I write to you from my new home! It has been…




A Long Delay, Bursting At The Seams

Day 14: Imagine traversing these stairs… multiplied by one hundred.

[28 Jun 2018] A little house update amongst some photography (unrelated to house.)





The Moment You Realise You’ve Gone House Mad


[16 Mar 2018] I realise that the excitement of house hunting can be unbearable, particularly coupled with being snowed in with nothing more to do than obsess.


The Beginning of a Dream

IMG_0683[16 Jan 2018] The ramblings of a wild dreamer starting down the path of sustainability and the embracing of living closer to nature, with all its ups and downs.