The Cat’s Mrrrrup!

At least that’s the sound my cat makes. He just doesn’t get around to opening his mouth, instead he seems to roll an ‘r’ in his throat, it’s very cute. I feel bad sometimes though, because he will carry on for some time quite seriously in this manner and all I can do is giggle, then he looks at me like this:


I sense a lack of amusement on his part.

It was only a matter of time before this post happened, and it won’t be the last time I cute cat my blog. I grew up with a cat in the house since I was three, and it wasn’t until a recently moved in with my partner that I was without one. After a little over a year without a furry friend in my life I found myself yearning for the company of a cat and to my surprise I found my partner was feIMG_5494eling the same way! Within days we had found this wonderful kitty at a shelter, his name is Cinders.

He looks very cute (in addition to sounding very cute), but he’s no timid beastie and when he plays his natural predatory behaviour takes over, much to the chagrin of my hands.

Still, the Great Hand Hunt aside, it has amazed me having had the comparison of not having a cat around how much of a difference it makes. Nothing against my partner, who’s company I enjoy very much, but there is much to be said for having a cat around, too!

The relationship between animal and human always amazes me. Granted I go through those mixed feelings about how we’ve domesticated so many animals and frequently the only reason they interact with us is because of that, but they still are animals that relate on a foreign basis from us human animals and yet we have an interesting coexistence.

On a daily basis I marvel at our interaction. Cinders is a more social cat then some I have known, but the fact that he seeks out our company tickles me pink. If one or both of us IMG_1056are home Cinders will hang out in whichever room we’re in, and follow us wherever we relocate. Unless he tires of our antics (a.k.a. trying to pet him because he’s being adorable) in which case he’ll find a different room void of annoying humans.

Perhaps it is because it feels like a human interaction. We humans are always happiest when we can relate something to ourselves, though I do try to think outside the box.

Whatever the reason, I know I am extremely grateful for his company and every time I come home and he’s waiting for me at the door (which he never fails to do) it makes my day.


First Snow


First Snow in Keene, NH – November 2017

Today I had a moment to reflect on the ways I have changed my life. Having given myself more time in the week by working less I am finally falling into a rhythm of feeling like I have enough time to accomplish the menial things in life as well as pleasant projects I wish to spend time on. It never ceases to amaze me how much we try to cram into too little time with it being the average expectation for life. Hello stress!

No! Goodbye stress, I say! Which is why I must have been so leisurely about getting my autumn clean up taken care of, for I only tackled that process today! Though it is technically still autumn, it has been awfully cold here and definitely feeling like winter. A feeling only intensified as the first snow began to fall on the leaves I was raking.

For once in my life this was not an instigator of stress. Instead I stood and listened to the patter of tiny ice particles falling to the ground and marvelled at the change of season. I was grateful for the time I had to appreciate it, that I was able to complete my clean up just in time, and a sense of excitement about what the next season has in store.

Yet I shall endeavour to stay in this moment and season for now, enjoying this lovely subtle sunset, abstractly seen through a prism ball.


Abstract Sunset – November 2017

Eleven Days Of Change

My awe of the elements and seasons never ceases. A mere eleven days since my last post which was full of colourful leaves and sitting out on the porch and now I have a completely different tale to tell. There is a greyer hue to everything around me and the leaves have all fallen, or at least lost their colour and reside upon their trees in a soft brown halo. The temperature is certainly cooler as well, which it’s about time as our autumn has been unnaturally warm.


Mud Pond, Dublin, NH – October 2017

With this change of season comes something else, at least for those with a writing proclivity and a certain lack of sanity. National Novel Writing Month! As I write this now we have (at least in my time zone) officially entered the month of November and (in my case) the start signal to start writing 50,000 words! I have been waiting for this moment with great anticipation and it is with some effort that I stick to finishing out this blog post before switching to the novel I have been plotting and outlining for the past month.


Mud Pond, Dublin, NH – October 2017

This year I was surprised to discover that I have been feverishly attempting to finish novels for TEN Novembers now! How the years do fly! Yet each year I am equally excited about the prospect of starting fresh on a new idea, and this year is no different. This year I have even more impetus to make something of my idea, for it is my hope and dream to make a living off of my writing and I have decided now is the time to try.

I owe so much gratitude to National Novel Writing Month (NaNo for short), its creators, and those who run it now. This simple self challenge has brought me writing inspiration, great times with friends, and the acquisition of new friends around the world! I am going to share the link to the website now because I would highly recommend participating to anyone with writing inclination. There is so much I could gush about, but I will spare you and let you discover for yourself here.

As a curious side note to this post, the pond in the pictures is one I have driven by hundreds of times, but I have never known its name… until today. Little did I suspect it had the eloquent moniker of Mud Pond. Someone was having a creative day.


Mud Pond, Dublin, NH – October 2017

Here I Am Now!

This is an unplanned response to my previous post. A part two, if you will.

My success at being present in each moment and appreciating that which is around me has been limited… at best. There have been a few triumphs, but they are still outweighed  by a lack of presence of mind which is a shame because I live in a truly beautiful part of the world. Just now I experienced one of these precious triumphs and I wanted to share it because it was brought on by a very particular beauty of the region I live in. Autumn foliage.


Temple, NH – October 2017

Here I sit under this spectacular array of colour on a pleasant Autumn day and it is magical.

It really is a shame not to appreciate this experience in which I live when many others travel from afar just to see it! (Dear Leaf Peepers, Thank you for coming! But would you mind pulling over to look at the leaves, it’s not safe to peep and drive! Much appreciated.)


Temple, NH – October 2017

I’m not going to lie, I am currently in the middle of editing the last of my travel photos which is going to throw me right out of this moment and back into a longing for Scotland, but now I have solid proof that this moment happened and a hope that others got to enjoy it as well.

Now, as lovely as this day is it is still October and I think some socks and another cup of tea are in order.

Here are a couple more photos I took yesterday…



Temple, NH – October 2017



Are You Here Now?

As I was trying to find a picture to accompany this post I found myself caught in a dilemma. It was my desire to choose a picture taken recently from nearby, but none of them felt right and instead I found myself wandering through my archive of travel photos. On an average day, if  I haven’t ended up in thoughts of being in Scotland already, seeing my photos will instantly put me into a state of wistful longing. So here I am desperately wishing I was here…


Loch Sheil, Scotland – September 2016

It is completely normal to wish to be in a place you’ve gone on holiday to and greatly enjoyed, of course, but my feeling is so strong that it is my heart’s desire to move there and has been for ten years! This is lovely and all, but currently I can’t move there and this leaves me with many a day of pining.

I grant you that having this yearning is a great motivator for getting the thing done, and hopefully it will be done some day, but in the meantime… how do I live my life? The line between enjoying the feeling of excitement about the place and being consumed by the obsession about the future is one very easy to cross. I acknowledge quite readily that the latter state has the ability to take me right out of living in the moment for long periods of time.

As great as my end goal is, how much am I willing to sacrifice along the way? Sure, some compromise is necessary for such a large dream, but if I don’t enjoy every moment along the way my life will pass me by!

The only thing to do is enjoy each moment and in order for that to happen I must make sure to make each moment enjoyable. From hence forward I shall ask myself ‘Am I here now?’ and in this moment I shall start by enjoying this amazing drink my friend made for me.


London Fog – Earl Grey with steamed milk and honey


Photo Challenge of the Farmers and Gardeners

For the last four weeks I have been taking part in a photography challenge geared towards farmers and gardeners. The specific concept needed to be fulfilled is noted in the caption of each photo plus a description of what I ended up photographing.

In addition to this challenge I have also been participating in a year long daily photograph challenge, an open concept akin to a photo journal. Seeing as I spend most of my days outside working with the land that is where the majority of my photos take place, but with the farmer and gardener challenge it gave me a fun weekly quest to find two very particular photos!

The Small Things

As they say, sometimes it is the little things that bring you joy. I am very lucky to work outside and frequently run into small creatures that I feel get overlooked in the busy lives of today, especially if you never get a chance to be out in nature.

The baby Robin was a special treat! I discovered them only minutes ago while I was helping someone weigh their blueberries!