My love of taking photos comes from my father. He takes some of the most wonderful pictures I’ve seen, and lately with a mostly broken camera which serves only to inspire me more!

The magic and beauty of Scotland is my favourite subject, to the point of making it difficult for me to find inspiration while I am at home. In an attempt to combat this I have joined a daily photo challenge and I now carry a camera on me at all times.

I will forever be caught in the conflict of whether to capture the beauty before me through a lens or to just be in the moment and enjoy the surroundings with my own eyes. What a wonderful and fascinating choice to be faced with.

A Long Delay, Bursting At The Seams

Day 14: Imagine traversing these stairs… multiplied by one hundred.

[28 Jun 2018] The first post of my three month photography challenge in conjunction with a health challenge of the same length. A photo a day related to something healthy in my life.




The Small Things

Amber Snail

[29 Jul 2017] A gallery of photos taken of some of the smaller critters I met summer of 2017.




Photo Challenge of the Farmers and Gardeners

From Your Favourite Spot – A farm that I work on, easily one of my favourite spots

[5 Aug 2017] A gallery of photos taken for a challenge with a farm and garden theme.